Oregon Responsible Edibles Council

A strong, locally driven edible market will be essential to ensuring Oregon stands out as a national leader in recreational cannabis regulation. With upwards of 45%-55% of all recreational marijuana product sales in WA & CO being in the form of edibles, OREC wants to help facilitate a cohesive environment for Oregonian based edible brands to communicate, share ideas, and work together for the greater success of all of our companies.


To educate the public regarding the safe and responsible usage of edible marijuana products for adults 21 and over, as well as coordinating youth prevention efforts that are honest, informative, and effective.


Through the creation and funding of public education campaigns, we will be able to help teach the public about proper dosage levels and to prevent and reduce accidental over-ingestion, as well as ease general “public fear” of edibles from misinformation and sensationalized media articles. OREC will also represent the voice of edibles during the upcoming legislative session through extensive lobbying efforts at the capital building in Salem.


Try 5 Logo

The mission of the “Try 5” campaign is to teach consumers how to consume edibles cautiously when ingesting them for the first time and begin the conversation about the importance of proper dosage.

We know the absolute importance of dosage for first time cannabis consumers and have designed our initial public education campaign, “Try 5”, to teach consumers how to dose properly and take the additional step of encouraging consumers brand new to cannabis to employ extra caution and start with half of a single dose, and Try 5 mg THC.


TRY 5: Public Education Campaign

We are sending out a Call to Action to the Oregon Marijuana Industry to contribute monetary funds to the OREC Public Education Fund to produce posters, newspaper advertisements, billboards and other promotional materials to roll out our initial public education campaign, “Try Five”.